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USTA Southwest Section
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DIVERSITY_pageDiversity & Inclusion Statement: Diversity and Inclusion is a strategic priority for the USTA and one of our core values. Diversity allows us to touch "All of America" and Inclusion allows "All of America" to touch us.

Definitions: Diversity is the collective mixture of our human and organizational assets characterized by our similarities and differences.

Inclusion is leveraging the power of diversity in a respectful environment that encourages all to participate and contribute to further the USTA mission.

Importance: Managing diversity and inclusion effectively is critical to achieving the mission of the organization and is an integral part of the success of the USTA’s other three top-level strategic priorities.

Our responsibility here in the Southwest Section obligates us to identify and lead in removing barriers to allow us to be inclusive so that tennis reflects all of America. 

USTA Southwest is the FIRST 'majority minority' Section in the USTA. That means that the majority of the population in our communities of Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas are non-white ethnic groups. We are taking strides to ensure our tennis-playing population in the Southwest is more reflective of this number.   


Diversity USTA Southwest

Embracing diversity and encouraging multicultural outreach efforts is essential to achieving the USTA Southwest Section's mission to grow the sport of tennis, and be understanding and representative of all who seek to have a voice in our organization. We are an amalgum of tennis-loving members and we recognize the need to be representative of all.

We are committed to fostering a tennis environment that is more inclusive and inviting to all people across all of our programs and platforms. In working to expand the image of tennis, the USTA Southwest Section is focused on broadening and increasing Diversity participation in the sport and serving as a model for all organizations that aspire to successful growth and an inclusive environment. 


Committee Projects                                                                                                                                                USTA Southwest's Diversity Committee embarks upon several projects every year to help bring the sport to new groups who want to participate. From compiling statistical data on our various organizations' efforts to other creative projects, our Committee is an active one. If you have an idea for a project, please share with us by contacting the USTA Southwest office or our contact for the Diversity Comittee, Debbie Carlsen, at djcarlsen@sbcglobal.net.

Take a look at our USTA SOUTHWEST DIVERSITY VIDEO, recently released in early 2011.




Mission and History of Diversity Committee
The mission of the USTA Southwest Section Diversity Committee is to promote and develop the growth of multicultural participation and diversity in all aspects of organized tennis.  To that end, the committee strives to:

1) Identify and address barriers that continue to prevent those of multicultural heritage (i.e. African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asian Pacific Islanders, Native Americans/Alaskan Indians) from full participation in USTA programs and activities;

2) Develop targeted initiatives for existing programs as well as new programming opportunities which will enhance awareness and bolster multicultural participation in all aspects of USTA Southwest operations;

3) Develop methods that will allow for the successful monitoring and evaluation of multicultural participation and diversity as they apply to the section's programs, services and operations;

4) Work collaboratively with USTA Southwest committees, councils and divisions to ensure that multicultural participation and diversity remain common threads throughout the entire fabric of our strategic planning and operations;

5) Develop and execute a long-range multicultural participation plan for the section.


Volunteer: Our USTA Southwest Diversity Committee is always on the lookout for volunteers and supporters who share a vision to create a more diverse and inclusive organization.  And while the Diversity Committee is a great place to make a difference, there are other active committees in the Section, all of which are committed to ensuring that the needs of all current and future members are being adequately served. 

: Financial disparity is consistently identified as a significant barrier that prevents multicultural players from getting into the sport.  To help boost tennis participation among aspiring multicultural players, the USTA has created the Multicultural Grants Program, which offers grants to programs, community tennis associations and individual players. 

There are a handful of national grant possibilities for individuals that meet the competitive criteria. Organizations interested in applying for specialized funding with an aim on promoting in underserved communities should apply for the USTA Southwest Community Grant.

Check each of the above links to see dates and deadlines for these grants. For a list of National Grants, click here.




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